2019-04-29 Release Notes:

Week Results on Global & Venue leaderboards

  • Removed the need to click on “Complete Week”.  This step is now automated, and reflects when a week was started, not completed.
  • When loading a league, the week will default on the latest week played.
  • Week stats on the Global leaderboard is activated when the first game of that week is played by any venue.  Week stats on the Venue’s leaderboard is activated when the venue’s first game is played.
  • Global Week 1-3 does not currently contain all venue data, Weeks 4+ will contain all data.

Stat Updates

  • Split Faults/Drops/Zeros on Accuracy Board

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed instances where the Host section would kick-out coaches to the main site
  • Fixed missing venue names in the player list of the Global Leaderboard.  (Any missing venue names will be corrected on the next player game save in Week 4)
  • Fixed score avg rank on Global and Venue leaderboards (it was previously showing 9.5 avg score as top ranked)
  • Fixed ‘my career’ page (missing scores)


  • Continued UI updates to the Mobile view  

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