YoReferee is a software
suite that helps axe
throwing venues track
scores, rank players,
manage leagues, and
increase guest

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YoReferee works with NATF or WATL scoring systems

and is designed to make scoring leagues and tournaments as easy as tapping on an iPad

Our self serve platform is easy for players to access their own information while giving you, the owner or manager, powerful backend tools to make your events more competitive and more fun. Let your players see how they rank against a global pool of axe throwers no matter where they throw!

How you used to do things

  • Pencil and paper scoring
  • Trying to remember guest names
  • Adding up scores in your head
  • Trying to draw a tournament bracket on the fly
  • Focusing more on scoring than guest interaction
  • Not sending followup scores to guests
  • Forgetting what someone scored in a previous tournament
  • Chasing league members for payment
  • So many spreadsheets!

How YoReferee does things:

  • iPad or Android tablet scoring
  • Player profiles with historical stats from tournaments and leagues
  • Achievements that players can earn
  • Built in brackets and round robin games
  • NATF or WATL scoring systems built in
  • Compare players over time
  • Email follow-up with tournament scores and player achievements
  • Payments gateway built in
  • More engagement from your players
  • No spreadsheets to manage!

Try YoReferee for your first league for free!

All the features, all the support, no credit card or payment required.